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"Nema" is a local word which expresses the joy you feel when suffering ends. In this part of Mozambique life is tough; malnourished children are sent to muddy ponds for drinking water or to the fields to help to provide food for the family instead of going to school. But the communities are strong and passionate to break the chains of poverty.

   Nema Foundation works with 16 of these communities, helping them to provide access to safe drinking water, send their children to school, avoid preventable diseases and relieve poverty in an empowering way. Buying this album will help us to continue and develop our grassroots projects to give the gift of "Nema" to more families.

   What sets our charity apart from the crowd is the way we design and run our projects. We have a wide array of projects because there are so many areas that must be tackled to eradicate poverty for good. Plus, each community has its own most pertinent needs which we can help them address first. All our projects use the same set of strict principles which enables villages to realize projects themselves, each reinforcing the next.

Nema projects fall into five main categories: Health, Education, Water. Enterprise, Environment.

   A very heartfelt thanks from everyone at Nema to Benjamin Siva-Pereira for creating the concept of the album, reaching out to artists and making the dream of this album a reality. Also a special thanks also to each of the artists who have donated so many stunning tracks.


Amy Carter-James, 09 July 2015

Co-Founder & Director of the Nema Foundation.


Nema includes works by: ars sonor • benjamin silva-pereira • dj wyrmwood • eerohz • grupo de baile da mourisca • impulsegames • matteo marchisano-adamo • nobodysoundz • protyv • sardónico • sona nyl • ste rozza • suuba • temporal transmission • trump@d • vendaval art project • zesknel ••••



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