Might be captivation------------------------------FASCINATION /

Metal scrapping on feng shui--------------------ZEN TECHNO /

Artificial life [captivation again in the shades of phrases, obsessions,


or the

Introducing of ideas [subjectivism = alienation of reality;] lofty; distant.

and of particular oddity (dream thinking, abusive order of logic) - ORPHEUS* and its MYTHS.




You refuse to mix, why?




‘An argument of an impression, words of moons and electronic circuits, loops and repetitions, echoes of words of a person, are always more interesting if not effective if they are signalled down by characters or persons of inventions and lies, cited or quoted or exemplified by parts or excerpts of paintings, music or dramas. Thus consciousness will expand and bring things and thoughts and poetic imaginary of universal differences. Thus we will recall images of beauty, abstract ceremonies of beauty.’ ROBERT KAKUTAMI in ‘Convex Brain’, 1978.




indistinguishable from the thick clouds,




pattern: the recurrence of music, iconic

the music of recurrence;



                        The absence of plot /

                 SILENCE, Orpheus sings…





The orchestra: SILENCE.





‘… the light becomes richer, happiness is everywhere, ripeness lies everywhere. Umber and queer ambiguous things behind every single word, membranes, webs of dreams spread themselves on the air like rhizomes catching the light of thoughts, entangling light, air, water, rainbows; all merged churned into an open field, creating a new language, a complex vortex: what some scientists called the ‘convex brain’. R. Kakutami, op. ct.






Queer queer queer /




WRITTOMATON: evolves through three sets of simple rules that determine any text (form one instant to the next):

1. idea;

2. plagiarism;

3. cutting-up (Vide William S. Burroughs & Brion Gyson).

There is no conclusive evidence for an essential similarity between the original text and the new. The state of the new final text in time is given by the state of composition of all its paragraphs and ordination at that moment. A discreet moment in time, evolving endlessly, irrationally. The parasites will very very soon be driven to EXTINCTION: ‘une heure après la mort, notre ame evanouie, sera ce qu’elle estoit une heure avant la vie?’ (Umberto Eco, op. quoted). Les unpardonables negligences des langeurs-tendres…





               / DISSOLUTION

you, no master

I place my hand upon you

To mark the long winters

Rolling through time

                   • we might touch each other,

though –

boundaries –


                              abnormal thoughts of dreams.



/ sensible interval

of time… /




texts by alena koukouchev from the book 'pragmatica repetitious' 

 collages & photographs (c) 2013 benjamin silva-pereira