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manuel de falla meets the future sound of london via billie’s french connection, a dada call for invention and hybrid procrastination – there is hyper link between electronic and tradition, a heart that misses the beat.


the artist of the year, the silent artist without major label release, the cry of ulysses upon the crib and the despair, the chef who concocts a superb meal with nothing, and everything. electronic, that so much misunderstood word.


the missing link: past and present and future. my heart misses a beat. lorca is clapping his hands and billie's singing a better blues because someone understands the missing beat and quantum connection, a world of understanding and conflict. a very jazz piano reverbed into reality and drums that are more alive than venus coccyx, an ultimatum of the art of the noises, a over-everything, guitars awol, african rhythms, obscure philharmonic feedback, bartok and electronic basses, well, what do you want more?


i am going to sleep and you stay with these sounds – a world of re-appropriation, of re-taking, of invention. and art is what but re-invention. i was once young and the bells tolled in the campanary, but then they are here. drunk or not cph321 is the artist of the day, the week, the month, the year. the year of procrastination. the year of indoctrination. the year of masturbation. cph321 is nothing of that. the opposite applies. the year of discovery, the year of shock, mix and match, hello!





1. the first music you can remember (don’t cheat) "tu verras" - claude nougaro

2. the record that means more to me until now "time further out"- the dave brubeck quartet

3. the record that made me move from pop and rock into other things "alber mensh" - einsturzende neubauten

4. the record that reminds me leaving home "macadam massacre" - les béruriers noirs

5. the record that reminds me of my first love the track "pas assez de toi" - mano negra (album : "puta's fever")

6. the first record i have bought “gone with the wind" - the dave brubeck quartet

7. the record that made me want to make different things "out to lunch"- eric dolphy

8. the first broken heart record "pornography"- the cure

9. the record that made me want to make music i never said to me "i want to make music". sorry

10. the first record i ever danced to "concerto pour détraqué" les béruriers noirs

11. the record that really influenced my sound until today "she and me: fall together in free death"- nurse with wound

13. the record that always makes me cry mmmhhh, not really crying, but in this idea : "body and soul" - billie holliday

14. the first great record i ever listened to "my favorite things"- john Coltrane

15. the last great record i listened "isam"- amon tobin


my favourite 5 albums of all time and why:

"change of pace"- johnny griffin: an approach that cannot be compared to anything else in jazz, a sort of hard bop chamber music, full of emotions;

" vu"- the velvet underground: irony against death, noise against boredom;

"intermission"- the residents: new tragedy in progress;

"kollaps" - einsturzende neubauten: i'm nothing, they are eating my brain, but i'm living, how to do? to deconstruct for making fire with the ruins?

"saint of the pit"- diamanda galas: poetry of despair, the voice of the suffering and the cry that frees us.


artists of 2012:

andrew lilles : eclectic, minimalist, surrealistic, in contemporary continuation of experimental music developed with nurse with wound for example.

plaid : the album "scintilli" is a pure beauty, perfect sounds and very poetic. i know, it was produced in 2011, but it's still one of my 2012's favorite musicians.

die form : just to mention they appeared on soundcloud in 2012, and it's cool !!!

amon tobin : he continues his tour: "isam", a fantastic, powerful and virtuoso album (2011) and an amazing visual in concerts (2011-2012)

zenjungle : a young experimental saxophonist, very talented and extending the line, in electronic music, of groups like the art ensemble of chicaco.

my album of the year is "two fingers" amon tobin: powerful and subtle, violent and romantic, the virtuoso of dubstep !


my favourite catalogue of wonders are optophonica, ‘e.p.2’ [cata28] (march 2012): a beautiful exercise in style, rich, beautiful amplitudes, a wonderful sound experience.

what do i wish to 2013? why this question? should be able to write a book ! and i'm not able to do that. so, i try in some sentences... but it will be very disappointing.


for 2013, i wish :

happiness and love for my son and my daughter.

victorious struggles for individual and collective emancipation, hope for out of capitalism.

full of discoveries and musicians who have the audacity to do the unexpected !









illustrations courtesy of and by (c) cph321