fables against gravity (2)





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fables against gravity (2)


disc one [digital download]:

1. eerohz: fables against gravity 07:25 (benjamin silva-pereira)

2. tunedin52: i am a whisper 16:08 (john daly & benjamin silva-pereira)

3. eerohz & synopsis decay: the scent of spring 13:12 (marcello dirks & benjamin silva-pereira)

4. the virgin automata: fado 06:57 (the virgin automata)

5. tunedin52: camphor, cinnamon, myrrh 15:29 (john daly & benjamin silva-pereira)

6. zenjungle & benjamin silva-pereira: learning how to smile 07:55 (phil gardelis & benjamin silva-pereira)


disc two [special limited double cd-r]:

1. david sphere: night at sea 12:02 (david sphere & benjamin silva-pereira)

2. benjamin silva-pereira, ricardo v. pereira & tunedin52: the trickery of night 09:48 (benjamin silva-pereira & john daly)

3. zenjungle: learning how to smile (reprise) 06:58 (phil gardelis)

4. tunedin52: diaphanous the dew of love’s promise 14:03 (john daly)

5. kalliban x: untitled christ tears 11:10 (don pi & allegro noir)

6. sardónico & zenjungle: canção verdes anos (song of the green years) 05:34 (carlos paredes)


words: benjamin silva-pereira

design & photography: wassily blossfeldt


(c) + (p) 2013 catalogue of wonders (arts), london, the copyright in these sound recordings are owned by benjamin silva-pereira, sardónico, eerohz, zenjungle, john daly, the virgin automata, kalliban x, synopsis decay, david sphere under exclusive licence to catalogue of wonders (arts), london except ‘canção verdes anos’ published by sociedade portuguesa de autores ◊ kalliban x appears courtesy of k%u016B editions, paris ◊ add + ddd  ◊ this album is not for sale or re-sale, trade or re-trade, copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring, rental, or to use internet devices for its distribution or reproduction under any circumstances and it is a violation of applicable laws which provides severe civil & criminal penalties ◊ all rights of the composers, performers, producers & of the owner of this recording are reserved ◊