kalliban X  








dada dance combo with maya edmundson kalliban x

double sided single: kallibanesque + perilous skin sky > cata8 >


kalliban x, or the boys who eat snails in the theatre of hedonism in the dark sweaty hours ~

kalliban x, or maya edmundson that lives in another dimension ~

kalliban x, or calliban without prospero nor miranda nor fernando of milan ~

kalliban x, for ecstasy of the bodies and the voluptious surrender of the mind ~

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tokyo is a suburb of new york, dance music combines with the inheritance of debussy, solo piano co-exists with techno-pop and music is but a means, among others, of making cinema ~ ryuichi sakamoto ~


kalliban x is brought to you by the catalogue of wonders (arts) ~

one day we all laugh about this, indeed, as we are...

maya edmundson is brought to you courtsey of herself ~

the catalogue number & reference for this palimpsest of glorious beats is at the moment the unforgettable cata8 ~

keep in tune and your brain working >


recorded in various positions and poses in london town @ the naked lizard lounge during september and october 2010 ~ the sounds were collated & assembled by allegro noir of vienna of austria ~ the cut-ups collaged by benjamin croaxford of london with the glorious assistance of brion gyson's vertigo for shock ~

remixed by the artisans of sound and their inebriated courtesans @ the luna tick asylum, twickenham in november 2010, that are allegro noir & don pi of stockholm of sweden ~

additional credibility, credit & cubits to oscar wilde, james baldwin & william s. burroughs ~

in the path of rhythm we go...

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