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lon'tano [cata33]



erwin panofsky: (an-men's music is a) "lonely and inaccesible island in the stream of tradition, the real secret of his magnificent nightmares and daydreams has still to be disclosed. we have bored a few holes through the door of the locked room; but somehow we don't seem to have discovered the key"

"oriental, tribal, strange, contemporary, spacey, fantastic experimental music for an amazing journey!!!" cph321

"eerie, varied and fascinating!" george christian vilela pereira


jeff gburek: "pretty amazing work"

about "aphigenneea":

bipolarbeats: 'sublime' tunedin52: “what a journey that first track, south seas flavor, stravinsky, dance, opera, but so modern and fresh.”

about "maria (2)":

tunedin52: "develops into very deep emotional spheres. all the time i feel i'm being dragged into some terrible tragedy. a wonderful piece of music and thankfully not embellished with smooth synth pads, but earthy gritty samples. it leaves me a bit devastated, how cruel! as great sound should be.”

moody alien: "this really is grand -and note that i'm not your typical ambient afficionado. melodic yet minimal, very engaging... just beautiful...”

zenjungle: "love the slow built-up... breathing colours, the left-right activity is superb! big journey, it starts in full light it ends in shadows. wonderful.”





 photos (c) benjamin silva-pereira








'the time i've spent dreaming -

years and years of my life!

ah, how much of my past

was only the false life

of a future i imagined'

[fernando pessoa, 29 august 1914]



 photos (c) benjamin silva-pereira


1. initiation... 06:20

eerohz ~ electronics, composer

david h. hillman ~ drums programming

2. shakkei 09:16

benjamin silva-pereira ~ programming, composer

oorlab ~ keyboards, composer

kaseumin ~ voice

3. lent et grave (gymnopedie no 3) 05:12

erik satie ~ composer

piano ~ jonathan cotterell

allegro noir ~ programming

don pi ~ production

4. poesis 1 06:24

matteo marchisano-adamo ~ piano, composer

benjamin silva-pereira ~ electronics, effects, composer

5. oscillator-whale 12:26

benjamin silva-pereira ~ electronics, composer

c.cu ~ electronics, composer

6. poesis 2 09:38

ricardo v pereira ~ voice

eerohz ~ piano, electronics, voice, composer

7. ims20 04:26

inicolabug ~ electronics, composer

david sphere ~ electronics, composer

8. the pruned faun 08:44

phirnis ~ electronics, composer

eerohz ~ electronics, composer

9. violet and purple blind 07:04

sardónico ~ guitars, bass, piano, composer

eerohz ~ electronics

10. abdication 09:36

erik satie ~ composer

eerohz ~ electronics, composer

piano ~ jonathan cotterell

david sphere ~ programming


poesis is

a british, dutch, german, portuguese, italian, japanese,

french, american, swedish & austrian



~ cata19 ~ poesis ~ curated by benjamin silva-pereira ~ (c) (p) 2012 catalogue of wonders; the copyright in these sound recordings is owned by the writters, composers and performers under exclusive licence to catalogue of wonders ~ the text in 'shakkei' (matsuo basho's 'oku no hosomishi') is read and recorded by kaseumin, courtesy of librivox bit.ly/knrklq ~



 photos (c) benjamin silva-pereira