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> 1. they seek neither truth nor likelihood: they seek astonishment. they think metaphysics is a branch of the literature of fantasy.







> 2. god must not engage in theology; the writer must not destroy by human reasonings the faith that art requires of us.




> 3. if this absurd postulate were developed to its extreme logical consequences, what world would be created?




> 4. the greatest of sorcerers would be the one who would cast a spell on himself to the degree of taking his own phantasmagoria for autonomous apparitions. might that not be our case?




salaman: music for porn movies, ku011, march 2013, volume 1: 


kalliban X: in the cave of salaman 14:53

mad fiddler: fellatio inter pares 10:49

dead rubbarbbe: dice mice lice vice 08:53

casparino: i told you so, you are hard to fuck with 06:58

larsson zeb: harder 08:18

sabin duplex: freaking out, i say déjà vu 09:43




> 1. / 2. / 3. jorge luis borges

> 4. novalis


paintings (c) 2013 by edward liqueur

art direction: benjamin silva-pereira


(c)+(p) 2013 ku editions (paris) ~ the copyright in these sound recordings is owned by kalliban X, mad fiddler, dead rubbarbbe, casparino, larsson zeb & sabin duplex under exclusive license to ku editions (paris) distributed by permission by catalogue of wonders (arts), london.