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john daly worked as a photographer and printmaker in various labs in england 1980-2000 and in mullingar ireland 2000-2007. music and sound technology have always been his main interests: playing in bands in the 60s-70s and exploring sound with synths, midi, cubase, djing, and experimental guitar all through the 80s-90s. having listened to much rock, jazz, classical and music from other cultures, he became interested in sound without conventional music structures. sound art engages him as a listener, collaborator and originator but he is not sure that he considers himself an artist. over the last two years he has collaborated over the web with saxophonist and digital sound creator phil gardelis (zenjungle). this collaboration explores experimental soundscapes, some musical pieces and a post davis/coltrane freejazz directive with less 'jazz' and more glitch, noise and electronics. currently he uses a baritone guitar with some physical interventions, delay and loop pedals playing through gleetchlab. there are six loopers within this software which expand the sound possibilities to orchestral dimensions.



moody alien is an artist living in thessaloniki, greece. he started making music in 2001, without previously bothering to be instructed on how it’s supposed to be done and during this time he has actually insisted on not learning things any way other than experimenting and listening to the results. his approach could be summarized in “if it sounds good, then it is good”. so far he has self-released 3 albums, collaborated with georgina brett and knopfdreher on a 4th one and contributed to a couple of compilations by the catalogue of wonders label, but he is likely to increase these numbers significantly in the near future. moody alien does not care to share personal information with anyone he has not met, but he can reveal that he finds talking about himself in the 3rd person extremely entertaining.



wilhelm matthies, although born in ohio, in 1959 and raised in south carolina, has lived in the midwest of the usa for about half of his life now. while earning his masters degree in painting and printmaking in the early 80’s, he developed a love for new classical music hearing performances of schoenberg, berg, xenakis as well as performances by student composers and performers. in the mid to late 80’s wilhelm performed in chicago art galleries using prepared guitars and a prepared mandolin while also listening to free improvisation and free jazz performed live. in the late 80’s he designed and built several invented instruments that he resumed working on in the 2000’s. in 2011 wilhelm began creating, posting and collaborating to make music with various artists associated with soundcloud including paul mimlitsch,, mehata hiroshi (mehata sentimental legend), megan lee karls, paulo chagas, maresuke okamato, matthias boss using his instrument the kokeka. riverfoot-reality rubs was the first album he released using the kokeka. beginning in march 2012, wilhelm matthies has been developing another new instrument called the mosesa, creating several albums, first with paulo chagas (“lark markings”) with matteo marchisano-adamo (“blue lake, gathering shore” to be released with somehow recordings in 2013), joel taylor (“dawn” still being worked on), pedro duarte (“fields” still being worked on), sleeping on lotus ashes (“taking to piece, heaping together’), and marco lucchi (“cliff notes, expanding waves”).



benjamin s. pereira was born in 1966 in lourosa, portugal, the son of a castrator and a dressmaker. never graduated in a specific course or had academic studies, but studied arts and design as well philosophy and humanities. he drifted from one pursuit to another, from painting to music, and worked variously as a salesman, bartender, broadcaster and columnist, library investigator, chef and functions manager. published diverse material about literature and poetry in newspapers and worked eight years as editor, producer and host of radio shows. published one small pamphlet of (fragments of) letters to mr. william cockroach, unsent texts and letters dedicated to william s. burroughs (1993). he’s the author of the short film script still | hating | love directed by fernando campos for panico productions, london, 1998. he is the founder and art director of the catalogue of wonders (arts) based in london, producer and agitator of sounds and his work ranges from electro-acoustic to ambient to techno to exploratory territories, with collaborations and released works with phirnis, c.cu, synopsis decay, matteo marchisano-adamo, an-men, ma shi mi, inicolabug, james mccall, oorlab, the virgin automata, phonographic analysis laboratory, bipolarbeats, sardónico, david sphere, david h. hillman, 2³, tunedin52 and optophonica. his current release is ‘philos’ [cata50]



paulo chagas, portuguese-born, is a wilfully eclectic musician, having devoted much of his career to experimentalism. being by nature a maverick, he has committed his life to the research of new (or renewed) solutions and links between the sounds he explores. paulo is a dedicated composer, multi-instrumentalist (woodwinds, electronics), teacher, writer and music promoter. he is actively involved with zpoluras archives, a music label committed to various branches of contemporary improvised music and to working in partnership with musicians from all parts of the world, and mia (encontro de música improvisada de atouguia da baleia), which plays an essential role within the portuguese improvisation circuit. paulo has a classical music background. he studied oboe, composition, acoustics and music history at the national conservatory of lisbon (1980-1985), where he joined orchestra and chamber music groups. he has degrees in special education, pedagogy of music education, and music therapy. he subsequently devoted himself to jazz, studying with saxophonists david binney and perico sambeat. from his earliest years as a musician, paulo has had a broad interest in all musical forms, from folk, pop and rock, through jazz, fusion, improvised music, and classical. he has composed, performed and produced music for theater, film, and for educational purposes. he regularly performs and records with an ever-widening range of musicians and collectives, such as p.r.e.c., ensemble mia, ar de bop, variable geometry orchestra, chagas curado viegas wind trio, motim, potlatch, tania giannouli, marcello magliochi, maresuke okamoto, matthias boss, delphine dora, bruno duplant, lee noyes, willhelm mathies, troy schaffer, carlos zíngaro, paulo curado, joão pedro viegas, abdul moimeme, fernando simões, paulo duarte, gonçalo falcão, and many others. describing himself as a “music addict”, paulo is an avid performer, keen to experiment, record, perform, and to do whatever is necessary to further the cause of music. for him, music is an art form that is intimately linked with the ongoing search for the meaning of life. from his discography we can highlight the following titles: mispel bellyfull (2004); zpoluras demo (gds 2005); miosótis – risco (gds 2007); prec – contagious insanities (a beard of snails records 2009); colectânea mia 2010; chagas, simões, viegas e mira – quartet session nº1 (ilse 2011); the limbo ensemble – plebiscitu (audiotong 2011); late winter/early spring (audiotong 2011); duplant, chagas & noyes - the bias of the things (ilse 2012); chagas, boss & okamoto – little concert in the garden (za 2012); chagas curado viegas wind trio – old school new school no school (creative sources 2012).



philip gardelis (a.k.a. zenjungle) was born in athens, greece in 1975. he started playing an old guitar that was hanging on his parents’ wall at the age of 7. at the age of 10 he purchased his first electric guitar and at highschool he joined several bands, from punk, rock, heavy metal and new wave playing guitar, bass and keyboards and sometimes singing. after school he studied sound engineering and started listening to more experimental music such as the freejazz of the 70's and early electronic music. he began to have interest for the wind instruments and purchased a flute. after a few years he took up self learning saxophone and clarinet. he never lost his interest in the electronic music and he started combining the winds with electronic sounds. the last two years he collaborates with john daly (tunedin52) from ireland and they released 4 albums together. he has also done several other collaborations including don wilkins (crazy old bat) from seattle with whom released the zenbat ep, and many others from all over the world. 




matthias boss plays the violin. born 1958 in biel, switzerland, studied at the university of bern, switzerland. for one year studied painting in milan, one of his occupations, others include performance and installations with found objects and writing. he is an active member with several music projects in biel, switzerland, and he worked also in the city’s theatre. at the moment he is working with refugees from all over the world. prolific live performer and improviser, he has recorded work with fonosextant [m. magliocchi (drums), g. lenoci (piano), b. angeloni (soprano sax), gianni mimmo (soprano sax) and n. b. kentus (indonesian dance, voice)]; paulo chagas, maresuke okamoto (little concert in the garden), kawol samarkand, sabrina siegel, soaz sahli, jean-noël nupin, carlos zingaro, abdul moimême, paulo curado, joâo pedro viegas, joâo pais felipe, carlos mask, stefano giust, improvisers consort (lisboa sessions), instant chamber music, m.a.b. trio, one hour with the three uncles and zpoluras archives 2012 / paulo chagas.




cph321, experimentalist of electronic solo music. ‘from timbres to catharsis. deconstruct and scrutinize the real. taking out letters of an alphabet. to built ne phases that will be, maybe, a poem, a descendent stair to the most deep unconscious.’ he studied beaux arts at beaux arts school, perpignan, france, and from 1992 to 2000 he exhibited art and installations at centre d'art sacré d'ille sur têt, ateliers with sophie joubert, galerie du théâtre saint lazare in paris and château de nevers. his artwork can be found on the internet at ‘sous la ruine’. he was a punk alternative rock drummer with ‘all you can eat’ (1994/2000) in paris and belonged to the experimental rock collective ‘sous la ruine’ (2000/2009).